segunda-feira, 6 de setembro de 2010



01-LADY GAGA - ALEJANDRO - Power Video by Tommy Love Jump Mix
02-BRITNEY SPEARS - 3 - Video Part 2 by Tannuri Remix
03-CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Not Myself Tonight - Video by John W.Pvt Mix
04-DAVID GUETTA feat AKON - Sexy Bitch - Official Video 4 "AUSSIEBUM PARTY"
05-AMEERAH - The Sound Of Missing You - Club Video by Mauro Mozart Sunrise Mix
06-2NE1 - 투 애니원 날 따라 해봐요 - Club Video by john W. special Kalls Mix
07-KATY PERRY - California Gurls - Club video by Tommy Love Anthem Mix
08-AMERIE - Gotta Work - Nervous video by Fabricio Lampa Exclusive Kalls Mix
09-D. GUETTA & CHRIS WILLIANS ft FERGIE - Getting Over - Nervous Video by Phe Miranda PVT Mix
10-KESHA - Tik Tok - Club Video by Matan Dror Remix
11-LADY GAGA - Love Game - Video by Leonardo Kalls and Ranlusy Tribal Mix
12-ANAHI - Mi Delirio - Special 4 Nicole Video by John W. Special Mix
13-THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS - Hush Hush - Pride Video by Breno Barreto Rework
14-RIHANNA - Rude Boy - Colored Video by Sandy Resek Mix
15-PARADISO GIRLS - Patron Tequila - Power Video by Leonardo Kalls and Dhaniel Fan Tribal Mix
16-KELLY ROWLAND - Commander - Power Video by Leonardo Kalls Xclusive Rework Mix
17-BRITNEY SPEARS - IF U SEEK AMY - Power Video by Aleko´s Radio Edit
18-THA BLACK EYED PEAS - I Gotta Feeling - Club Video by Netto Nunes & Guenta K. Remix
19-JAMELIA - Beware The Dog - Hard Colours Video by Fabricio Lampa Exclusive Kalls Mix
20-THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS - Bottle Pop - Power Video by Kevin Polux and Leonardo Kalls Xclusive PVT Mix
21-SHAKIRA - She Wolf - Club Video by Breno barreto Radio Edit
22-RIHANNA - Rockstar 101 - Power video by Leonardo kalls PVT Mix
23-LADY GAGA feat BEYONCÉ - Telephone - Cut Video by Ander Standing Club Mix


01-cHERYL COLE - Parachute - Club Video by Sandy Resek Club Mix
02-ESMEE DENTERS - Outta Here - Club Video by Tanurri Remix
03-CIARA - Work - Kevin Polux Radio Edit
04-THE BLACK EYED PEAS - Imma Be/Rock That Body - Club Video by Jr. Matta Remix
05-LADY GAGA - Paparazzi - Club Video by Tommy Love Remix
06-BRITNEY SPEARS - Slave 4 You - Dark Room Video by Alexander PVT Mix
07-CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Keeps Getting Better - Power Video by Aleko´s Vitrola Club Mix
08-RICH GIRL - He Ain´t Wit We Now - Power Video by Kevin Polux Radio Edit
09-GIRLICIOUS - Baby Doll - Power Video by Leonardo Kalls Rework PVT Tribal Mix
10-PARAMORE - Crush Crush Crush - Hard Video by John W Private Remix
11-INNA - Love - Club Video by Matan Dror Club Mix
12-JADA - American Cowboy - Lights Video by Kevin Polux and Leonardo Kalls Xclusive Mix
13-KELIS - Acapella - Light video by John W. PVT Mix
14-THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS - When I Grow Up - feat VJ WKS Fusion Video by Kevin Polux Electribe Mix
15-LADY GAGA - Poker Face - Color Melt Video by Leonardo Kalls Booteleg Mix
16-RIHANNA - Run This Town - Nervous Video by Ranlusy Big Intro Dub Mix ´10
17-BLU CANTRELL feat SEAN PAUL - Breathe - Power Video by Leonardo Kalls R&B Tribe Mix ´09
18-CIARA feat MISSY ELIOT - 1,2,Step - Club Video by Johm W. & Bruno Ramos Remix
19-GIRLICIOUS - Like Me - Explosion Video by Kafajest Club Mix
20-THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS - Sway - Sexy Video by Kevin Polux and Leonardo Kalls Special PVT
21-DANITY KANE - Damage - Eletric Video by Drew G. & Brad Lee Mix
22-LADY GAGA - Just Dance - The Fame video by Brian Reyes PVT Mix
23-WHITNEY HOUSTON - I Look To You - feat VJ ALEX RITTON Fusion Video by Bruno Ramos PVT Mix
24-THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS - Jai-ho - feat VJ JIMMYxXx Fusion Video by Leonardo kalls PVT Mix

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